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The Gann Grid Master's Charting Software


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What I found  

Since most applications featured within our software have been developed and used by several of the most famous and highly misunderstood forecasting masters of the past, it is my intent to give a description of what I found.

After years of testing many market forecasting systems, invented and explained by the numerous so called modern day forecasting masters, I have come to the following conclusion:  To me, it was only a small and elite group of traders who demonstrated an accuracy ratio well above the laws of chance.

I came to this conclusion only after several key factors had been uncovered within their legendary books and courses.  

What I Feel They Found 

Through the use of their special hand-drawn charts, combined with unique mathematical forecasting tools, insights and overlays, I feel each were able to see at a single glance many support and resistance points hidden within the markets they were researching.

These sets of support and resistance level calculations could only be found through extensive trial and error research on every concept each had to offer.  

How Can Our Software Help You  

I feel our New "Gann Grid Master's" software can help by unlocking even more of the hidden "why's" behind many of the master's unique and unorthodox methods. This has been achieved by expanding our technical and astro-technical on screen applications to include many never before witnessed forecasting tools for most stocks, commodity and indexes. Do to this, our software's cyclical concepts can be tested in just minutes, while the past it would have taken days, weeks or even months to complete by hand, as most Gann, Bayer and Elliot researchers already know.   


Setting up actual price and time models become a reality within our new, improved and impressive Gann Grid "Master's" Version, making this version a truly one of a kind product.     

 If on the fence about the software, you test drive it "Free" for 7 days !

Just Contact; pvtpoint@aol.com and request your "Free" RT version trial now! 

                                                              Market Timing Through the Eyes of the Market Master's

                                                                                The Combined Views of the Masters Education Series   

                                                                     Gann Grid Masters YouTube Video, featuring 2 full hours of software applications !


                                                                               Gann Grid Master's Video 1, Several Non-Astrological Applications


                                                                                       Gann Grid Master's Video 2, Several Astrological Applications  


Our "New" 2019 release of Gann Grids has been upgraded to include several new features from the works of Gann, Bayer, Jenson, Dewey, Gillen, Parker and others. 

I'm sure if WD had viewed GGU's clean, crisp charts, Astro and static cycle functions, angles and dynamic draw tool overlays he'd be proud as each are almost identical to his original hand drawn charts!   


In Sept 2019 we released 2 brand new versions of Gann Grids, 1 for REAL TIME and 1 for EOD called "Gann Grid Master's".!

The 2 versions include dozens of new and improved applications along with over 20 modern technical indicators for modern intra and end of day charting.  


Also, In 2020 Our “NEW” Combined Views of The Masters Education Package will be released!

This package will include a full working Version of Gann Grid Master's version EOD, a 2 volume series on the masters methods by way of biography's, book reviews, combined concepts and hundreds of on screen snapshots highlighting each tool in action.

To take advantage our special package's Pre-Release discount please email me direct at pvtpoint@aol.com and enter the code: CVOM Course 2019

Thank You 

 Robert Giordano  

Though the Gann Grids Ultra program was custom built to be a potentially powerful forecasting tool, its applications are not guaranteed in any way nor are they exact. Its users must understand that market forecasting and trading is a lifelong study and is not an exact science. Also Pivot Point Research will not be held responsible for monetary losses due to the programs use or the users trading decisions. Long term success in any business demands an understanding that error and uncertainty are inherent parts within them all…