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Robert Giordano

Many Puzzle Pieces in One Place

As all who came before will tell, this subject may start as a curiosity but soon becomes a multiyear or even lifelong obsession. Don’t let this happen to you as you can now learn from my personal time, experience and research thus saving countless weeks, months or even years of technical dead ends.  

I wish someone offered this package to me 20 years ago!   


Just as done for private students over the years, the "Combined View of the Master's" package give an intermediate through advanced background on many of the master’s true forecasting insights, tools and overlays. Each method is explained in detail which will shorten the subjects learning curve down to hopefully a few short months. 

Included within our # 1 selling package is a full working version of the “New” Gann Grids Ultra Master"s Version 2.0 RT Software 

 along with "The Combined View of the Master's" 2 book series.! 

However, what really makes this a once in a lifetime special package is I included hundreds of never before witnessed screenshots of each of the master’s methods in action.! 

 All inquiries should be addressed to Pivot Publishing at ; pvtpoint@aol.com

Pivot Point books can be purchased in bulk at special discounted prices for sales promotions, resale, corporate gifts or educational purposes. Special hard cover additions can also be created upon request for an additional fee.

For more details please contact the author Robert Giordano at; pvtpoint@aol.com



                                                                               Astro-Technical Methods of the Master’s     


In book one, many non-astrological forecasting methods had been reviewed along with exploring core beliefs behind each masters trading theory. After reading book one, I’m sure you will agree, all given examples highlight many technical concepts featured within our unique software’s tool library.


In book two, the goal is to explore even more of the masters unique and less understood methods vaguely explained under the guise of astronomical and astrological timing.   


Also understand not every application read about in the master’s books and courses will be explored, only concepts, terminology, and reference material personally tested and found to work best have been included within the works.


 The 4 parts of a forecast 

Part 1, Price/time cycle and technical applications                                          Book 1

Part 2, Modern Technical Applications                                                           Book 1

Part 3, Mundane/natural energy applications for time and price cycles           Book 2    

Part 4, Individual astro fingerprint applications for time and price cycles        Book 2    


 Book 1 Applications 

General biography and theory of each master  

Monthly and weekly Gann yearly cycles

Time and price range counts   

Time and price range divisions

Static cycle research

Composite cycle research  

Numerical full, half and quarter square for price and time     

Square of 9 angles


Ellipse research   

Gann angles

Square of 9 and Hexagon price and time cycles 

A/B price range divisions and expansions  

Squaring price and time ranges with and without Gann star 


Technical indicators;  

Moving average, Bollinger Bands, PSAR, Zig Zag,  Volume, RSI, ATR, ADX  MACD,  Stochastic,  Fast Stochastic, William R,  Force Donchien Channel,  Chalking Money Flow,  Rate of Change, Commodity Channel, Index Opening Range Breakout 


                                                                                                                             Book 2 Applications 

 Mundane “Natural Energy” applications:                                                               part 1

 How Too:

Find dates when planets Ingress into new signs

Find dates when planets turn retrograde

Find dates when planets turn direct

Find dates when direct planet re-crosses retrograde degree

Find dates when planets aspect planet retrograde degrees

Find dates when planets aspect eclipse degrees  

Find dates when planet and moon are at max north, south and “0” declination

Find dates when planets are in full hour right ascension

Find dates when planets are in parallel latitude

Find dates when planets move in user set aspects from zero Aries

Research important mundane planetary synodic cycles


     Individual Astro Price and Time Research: 

How Too:                                                                                                                           Part 2

How to find planetary fingerprints from major high and lows price and dates

How to back test all found major planetary fingerprint combinations

How to find all planet aspects from itself on all tops and bottom dates

How to find dates when other planets cross Hot Zodiac degree 

How to research all declination deg from tops and bottom dates

How to research all RA in hours and longitude from tops and bottom dates

How to find dates when planets aspect mundane and Bayer’s mirror points

How to research all “Hot” zodiac degrees from all major tops and bottom

How to research all “Hot” fingerprints in non-con-formative aspects 

How to research all planetary aspects to first trade, incorporation and natal planet by deg 

How to research individual planet price conversion (price channels)

How to research combined mean planet price conversion (price channels) 

How to research individual top and bottom prices converted into zodiac degrees

How to research first trade planet degrees converted to price  


                                                                                                   Forecasting, a Cosmic Science          

We now know many referenced traders were members of  several secret esoteric lodges and societies from late 1800’s - mid 1900’s . I feel once they truly understood the magnitude of the acquired information, each began to use it for personal and financial endeavors from the turn of the 20th century forward ,.....

 Gann Quote “The world is not yet ready for this knowledge to be released”   


However, they refused to release the information to the general public in whole as it was a tightly held secret and used almost exclusively for personal use. Though each wrote books and courses on the subject, all gave vague interpretations of the actual science, hence the reason for the countless speculation regarding what they actually understood.

Several modern-day mystical orders do at times trickle small amounts of this ancient astronomy through progressive grades and initiations but for the most part it is still a well-kept secret even up until today.  

Let me be clear, this book is "not" about claiming to understand all actual interpretation of their astrological methods, but it does show a synchronicity of markets based on methods read about and tested within the cited authors books and courses. 


This book also is not about giving every astrological application known to modern day astrologers, but “does” give what I found to be useful over my 25 years of Gann, Bayer and many other’s astro-timing research and techniques.     



GGU is one of the cleverest charting software packages I've come across in
a long time. A lot of thought has clearly gone into its many applications,
making it ideal for someone who wants to take their technical research to a
higher level.  GGU's astrological functions are worth the package's
price-tag on their own.

I have received patient and friendly support from the folks at Pivot Point Research, both
over the phone and by email.  

I'd have no hesitation in recommending this software to other chartists and
to my readers.

Dominic Picarda, Associate Editor, Financial Times Group, UK 
Dominic Picarda CFA, CMT
Associate Editor
Investors Chronicle 


My recent influence to purchase Gann Grids Ultra was the software’s ability to display on screen charts in true harmonic relationships. GGU definitely brings the power of harmonic scaling right before our eyes.  The one on one coaching sessions are priceless.  The application of all the utilities built into GGU being applied directly to market movement brings the tools to life!

 Seeing the “Astro Fingerprint” applied in first-hand action has confirmed for myself that GGU is a key to get behind the veil called “ Markets are Random”.

Thank You Robert. Sincerely   

Tony W

Thank you Mr Giordano for offering your 4 hour software training!

After buying the software I found your user manual to be extremely basic as well as the software to be not as user friendly as I thought but after your   training I feel I have made the correct  choice in purchasing the software for the following reason:

The software’s tool integration’s are priceless  for learning Gann type forecasting

The astro tools are extremely easy to use once understood and show remarkable market turn correlations

Knowing a little more about the software has given me new hope to actually make money in swing trading in 2013

I will also contact you soon for taking the full  Basic and Advanced  courses

Kind Regards

Mike P   

“I received my Gann Grids Ultra in November 2007 primarily to use the “Gann Like” charting capabilities. Owning a couple of expensive alternatives, the plan was to just use Gann Grids for testing the geometry and storing charts, however I have found that this is now my primary tool (or should I say set of tools) for market research and decision making.  

Being able to properly scale a chart for Gann followers is a must. Gann Grids properly scaled charting enables me to find the best angles, and angle offsets when drawing angle time lines. This gives me the base tools for my end of day trading and the discipline I lacked beforehand.  I can then use the more esoteric tools for cycle research (which is the fun part.) Thanks Robert for this great set of research tools.”
Best Regards


 “I purchased the Gann Grids Ultra 3.0 in February 2008 and found its tools be great for my personal research. I have studied Gann for about 5 years and own all his books but found most programs on the market are ether to expensive or too complicated to actually use. Gann Grids 4.0 version which I now own is perfect for my level of understanding. I also feel as my understanding grows the software will become more useful over time. I’m also looking forward to the new 5.0 version being released shortly.”
John L                                                                      

Hello Robert  
What I like about the software:   
The discipline of having to set and change the scaling helps me focus rather than increasing/decreasing bars on the screen all the time with other software. The degree angles – I get the angle degree from high to low and then offset that specific angle by ½, ¼, 1/3. The software allows me to set the angle and so I don’t lose it.   

I also use the same high/low to see Gann 1/8 divisions with the AB range/8. This allows me to see what happens when angles cross the division lines. I use time count tool extensively. 

Yes – I use the Astro tools, and have studied the Gann and Bayer info, also have Luther Jensen book, so I use the Astro tools. I like the Planet transit tool with 15 degree increments (and others) which seems to go with Jensen’s work. I am now finding that I use the geometry and confirm that with astro fingerprints. I used to over-analyze everything, but now find it easier to focus on the angle tools with astro confirmation. 

I have been using close planets mercury and Venus declination recently which give good idea of trend change. Moon decl. using zero, and max dec – I check that as it appears Gann did so (tunnel book) 
Doing the above helps me to keep it simple, and just have a bit of fun with the astro. Getting to know the software using dates etc I however thought a little hard to learn, but once done a few times I was extremely impressed with its functions.  Highlighting eclipse dates in ephemeris some how would be good as I like to check transits to eclipse points. I know you can do that anyway, but I have been researching this recently. This is important research to me.  

Other software – I have used Market Analyst astro version and had problems with their upgrades – dropping out etc. The newer interface I don’t like the way its set up – just personal preference I guess. The astro falls short for real research (astro fingerprint etc) I rarely use this software, and will drop it off.  

I have used Gannalyst for years, and it is ok for geometry and squares but no astro research. Don’t use it now.  
The other software I really like for trading discipline is MT predictor latest version 6. Didn’t really used beforehand but recent upgrade has a great risk/reward feature, so when I take trades I use this software for risk management with predetermined stop placements based on money management.(a key feature)  I use this also to confirm the geometry as it highlights wave probabilities etc.  

So in summary I use your software to get the geometry, and astro research to find sensitive dates for some confirmation, and MT predictor to control the trades (in and out with money management) and don’t take a trade unless it is at probable wave area or decision point   
Best regards



Hi Robert, 

 I have been in some astrological finance groups that pointed the way to start doing research on many possible uses of astrology in the stock market, but the research that was required was a daunting task. Your Gann Grids Ultra Advanced program makes it easy to do the research in a very short time, and will help many dramatically reduce their learning curve if they wish to follow this path. They will have to have some background in what to research, such as some of the reading material you recommend. You have a number of useful Gann based tools in the program. I especially like the square root price angles. I have not seen this in another program.

Thank you for a great program at such a reasonable price. 



I would really appreciate having your upcoming course.  I can tell you've put a lot of thought into it,  just by the size and topics you plan to cover.  It's not very often you meet someone who has really been serious about their research.  Like you are saying,  trial and error is the only way to find the path,  there are so many people not willing to put in the necessary work.  I guess we're a lot a like, that's why we've collected so much information.  


Sometimes you can look right at the jewel and it looks like a stone,  until you turn it over and look at it from different sides.   

I'm playing with your software,  getting a little more comfortable with it.  Playing with scaling to get more on the chart so I can play with lines and angles on a longer term perspective.


Thank you for the lessons. 

It really helps.