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                                                         Pay-for and End of Day Data Providers                                                                            

                                                                                         Pay For Data


For REAL TIME and END OF DAY data i found IQ feed to be the most reliable and reasonable priced compared to other real-time providers www.Iqfeed.net offer 7 day free trial !


                                                                                                            Free Data

 Yahoo Finance

Yahoo Finance is perhaps the most well-known source of free EOD daily stock market data.   

 Google Finance

Google Finance is often touted as an alternative to Yahoo Finance.  it also updates and integrates the OHLC data from the most recent trading day much more quickly than Yahoo  


                                                               Gann Grid Masters Data Converter 

We also offer our very own data converter which allows its users to convert most outside data EOD not mentioned above to a workable Gann Grid Master's format. (except for Metastock data)   


Cost of GGM converter is:


If interested, please contact me direct at pvtpoint@aol.com for special purchase link


Only purchasers of Gann Grid Master's EOD/RT software can purchase data converter