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Gann Grid Master's Software 

Learn to stack the Technical odds first before placing a trade!  

My name is Robert Giordano and my approach to trading is simple, it’s similar to that of professional gamblers as professionals understand trading must be understood just as a pro gambler knows his chosen game. 

Over the years I found many pro traders had the uncanny ability to know how and when to place trades which would raise profits while at the same time lower the house odds down to an almost even keel.  Each did this by mastering several single systems or ideologies found through trial and error research and applying each at the correct time. This odd stacking concept gave them the much needed edge to stay alive and actually profit from over the years.  

So in a nutshell "Professional Traders" are professionals because they know how and when to stack the technical odds first before placing a trade. 

With this in mind you too must learn to stack your odds first, or like all forms of gambling the casino will always win in the end.

I feel the variety of tools incorporated within our "New" 2019 Gann Grid Masters's version allow it’s users to do just this! 

                                                                                                   Gann Grid Master's Charting Software

The Gann Grids charting software is a computer program built and used by us at Pivot Point Research which allow its users to test many technical , astro-technical and cycle research methods on screen with the simple click of a button. Our unique and specialized applications were designed specifically to help test many of the highest percentage worthy single system each master had to offer. Our software not only allow its users to draw most stock,  commodity and index of choice on large number of harmonically perfect grid chart sizes just as the masters did by hand many years earlier, but also allow it's users to test most of the Gann, Bayer and Elliot research concepts  on screen with a simple click of a button.  

 Days, Weeks or even Months of research can now be completed in just a few seconds with our new, improved and impressive version of Gann Grids  

                                                                                                                          Time Tested
For me It was only after I began to scale and re-scale our price and time charts using a prototype of the new "Gann Grids Program " that I began to see the true value of many of the master's overlays and indicators.  I also began to see most stocks, commodities and indexes worked primarily off different price and time harmonic proportions which could only be found through extensive trial and error research. However before GGU each application had to be painstakingly drawn by hand and tested one at a time which took way too long to be useful in actual real time trading.    


                                                                                                       Core ideas shared by each  

After spending many years testing and re-testing the different market forecasting systems, invented and explained by each,  I began to see they each describes in their own way a relationship between price and time through a mathematical process of cycles, their representation of astrology and cycles were more of a system of natural speeds and steps the planets follow in a cyclical order, both individually and combined, a type of natural progression and harmony. This harmony according to each was an underlying factor within many of their market timing and structure concepts.


It also became obvious that their views of cycles were the same as the philosophers of old where everything in nature, on our planet and throughout the universe seem to follow some unknown pattern or time code. Each felt if they could find the proper price scale vibration, natural points of force combined with unique planetary energy data they could make superior trading decisions    


Though, each trader developed their own unique set of rules, ideas and forecasting applications they’re seem to be a single core idea shared by each, their understanding of natural law. 


 Each felt the natural laws as understood by the ancient mystery schools were keys not just for the fluctuations of our universal markets but was the cause behind almost all natural and periodical event which seem to follow some unexplained pattern or time code. According to each, this code vibrates at specific lengths throughout our past and continues endlessly into the future. This concept also govern every event, repetition of events and the cyclical periodicity within all parts of our natural environment. The scope of these events include the ebb and flow of  tides, periods of famines, periods of floods, war cycles, earthquake  cycles,  growth spirals , planetary rotation cycles and the cyclical nature of our financial markets. Though, market forecasting is a small spec within this tremendous science it was however their specialty.    


Key concept  

Also, a final key concept was found hidden within harmonic charts themselves. It was only after I began the scale and re-scale price and time charts using a prototype of my older “Gann Grids did many of overlays and timing tools start to show a type of synchronicity.  I also began to see, almost all stocks, commodities and indexes worked primarily off different harmonic proportions which could only be found through trial and error research. This,  in my opinion is key for unlocking many of the hidden concepts behind the master’s planetary price channels so vaguely spoken of by WD Gann in his astro letters, the general concept behind the Elliot wave price and time periods, and George Bayer’s unique chart patterns.  


                                                                                           The 4 parts of our Forecasting applications

  Non Astro Time and Price Applications: 

  Monthly Gann cycles forecast

  Weekly Gann cycle forecast 

  Time and price range counts 

  Gann angles  

  Time and price range divisions 

  Static cycle research  

  Numerical squares  

  Square overlay’s with and without Gann star

  Square of 9 angles

  20 Technical indicators 

 Mundane Astro applications 

  Find dates when planets cross over and aspect Eclipse degrees

  Find dates when planets cross over and aspect Planet Retrograde degrees 

  Find individual planet Retro/Direct crossover dates

  Find dates when planet Ingress into new signs

  Find dates when planet and Moon are at max North, South and Zero declination

  Find dates when planets are in full hour Right Ascension

  Find dates when planets are in Parallel latitude

  Find dates when planets cross over and aspect Bayer’s mirror point degrees

  Find dates when planets progress in all 15 degree aspects from zero Aries  

 Individual Astro Price Research

  Research individual and combined planet price conversion (price channels) 

  Research individual top and bottoms converted into zodiac degrees 

  Research first trade planet degrees converted to price   

 Individual Astro Time Research 

  Research planetary fingerprints from all major monthly and weekly swing dates

  How to research by back testing all major planetary fingerprints

  Find exact aspects for all planets on major and medium trend change dates

  Find all planets progressions from itself on all major and medium tops and bottom 

  Find other planets crossing over planet degrees from major and medium tops and bot

  Research all exact declination degrees from all major and medium tops and bot

  Research all RA in hours and longitude on all major and medium tops and bot dates

  Research all “Hot” zodiac degrees from all major and medium tops and bottom dates

  Research all “Hot” fingerprints in different aspects (squares and others) 

  Research planets aspects to first trade and natal zodiac degrees   

  And much more !

Pricing for "Combined Views of the Masters" 2 volume series coming soon  

Pricing for Gann Grid Master's Version 1 (End of Day)

$599.00 US  


 Pricing for Gann Grid Master's Version 1 (Real-Time) 

$899.00 US


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