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Just as done for private students over the years, The Combined Views of the Master's package gives a basic, intermediate and advanced knowledge on many of the master’s true forecasting methods. Each method is Highlighted and explained in detail which in turn will shorten the required learning curve down to hopefully a few short months. 

Included within our package is a full working version of our “New” Gann Grids Ultra Master"s Version 1 EOD Software 

A 2 volume Series of each trader's tools and methods featured within our software, several hard to find and out of print books and courses for additional research, and other outside modern day author names found to be beneficial to the subject at hand.

Also included are several mini book reviews along with explaining in detail what I have personally discovered over the years.

However, what really makes this a special one of a kind package is I have also included hundreds of never before witnessed screenshots of each of the master’s methods in action.

Many Puzzle Pieces in One Place

As all who came before will tell, this subject may start as a curiosity or fascination but will soon become a multiyear or even lifelong obsession. What i say to this is "Don’t let this happen to you",  as you can now learn from my personal time, experience and research thus saving you countless weeks, months and even years of technical dead ends.  

I wish someone offered this package to me 20 years ago!