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Many Puzzle Pieces in One Place

As all who came before will tell, this subject may start as a curiosity but will soon become a multiyear or even lifelong obsession. Don’t let this happen to you as you can now learn from my personal time, experience and research thus saving countless weeks, months or even years of technical dead ends.  

I wish someone offered this package to me 20 years ago!   


Just as done for private students over the years, The Combined View of the Master's package give an intermediate through advanced knowledge on many of the master’s true forecasting insights, tools and overlays. Each method is explained in detail which will shorten the subjects learning curve down to hopefully a few short months. 

Included within our package is a full working version of our “New” Gann Grids Ultra Master"s Version 2 RT Software 

A COPY of the "Combined View of the Master's" 2 volume book series,  and Several hard to find and out of print books and courses for additional research.  

However, what really makes this a special one of a kind package is I have included hundreds of never before witnessed screenshots of each of the master’s methods in action.!

Combined View of the Masters Book #2 Prefix; 

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                                                                               Astro-Technical Methods of the Master’s    



In book one, many non-astrological forecasting methods had been reviewed along with exploring core beliefs behind each masters trading theory. After reading book one, I’m sure you will agree, all given examples highlight many technical concepts featured within our unique software’s tool library.


In book two, the goal is to explore the more unique and less understood   astronomical timing methods vaguely explained within several of the master’s books and courses.   


Also understand not every application read about in the master’s books and courses will be explored, only concepts, terminology, and reference material personally tested and found to work best have been included within this work.


 The 4 parts of a forecast


Part 1, Price/time cycle and technical applications                                          Book 1

Part 2, Modern Technical Applications                                                           Book 1

Part 3, Mundane/natural energy applications for time and price cycles           Book 2    

Part 4, Individual astro fingerprint applications for time and price cycles        Book 2    


 Book 1 Applications


  General biography and theory of each master  

Monthly and weekly Gann yearly cycles

Time and price range counts   

Time and price range divisions

Static cycle research

Composite cycle research  

Numerical full, half and quarter square for price and time     

Square of 9 angles


Ellipse research   

Gann angles

Square of 9 and Hexagon price and time cycles 

A/B price range divisions and expansions  

Squaring price and time ranges with and without Gann star 


Technical indicators;  

Moving average, Bollinger Bands, PSAR, Zig Zag,  Volume, RSI, ATR, ADX  MACD,  Stochastic,  Fast Stochastic, William R,  Force Donchien Channel,  Chalking Money Flow,  Rate of Change, Commodity Channel, Index Opening Range Breakout 


 Book 2 Applications 

 Mundane “Natural Energy” applications: 

 How Too:

Find dates when planets Ingress into new signs

Find dates when planets turn retrograde

Find dates when planets turn direct

Find dates when direct planet re-crosses retrograde degree

Find dates when planets aspect planet retrograde degrees

Find dates when planets aspect eclipse degrees  

Find dates when planet and moon are at max north, south and “0” declination

Find dates when planets are in full hour right ascension

Find dates when planets are in parallel latitude

Find dates when planets move in user set aspects from zero Aries

Research important mundane planetary synodic cycles


                                                                                                                  Part 3

 Individual Astro Price and Time Research:


How Too:

How to find planetary fingerprints from major high and lows price and dates

How to back test all found major planetary fingerprint combinations

How to find all planet aspects from itself on all tops and bottom dates

How to find dates when other planets cross Hot Zodiac degree 

How to research all declination deg from tops and bottom dates

How to research all RA in hours and longitude from tops and bottom dates

How to find dates when planets aspect mundane and Bayer’s mirror points

How to research all “Hot” zodiac degrees from all major tops and bottom

How to research all “Hot” fingerprints in non-confirmative aspects 

How to research all planetary aspects to first trade, incorporation and natal     planet by deg 

How to research individual planet price conversion (price channels)

How to research combined mean planet price conversion (price channels) 

How to research individual top and bottom prices converted into zodiac degrees

How to research first trade planet degrees converted to price  


Content By Page


Forecasting, a Cosmic Science, Mundane Astronomy vs Astrology 7

The Planets, Glyph and Zodiac Signs 10

Heliocentric vs Geocentric planetary cycles 11    

Geocentric Planet time Cycles 15

Heliocentric Planet time cycles 16    

Astrological and Astronomical Terminology  17

Seasonal Changes 28

56 year cycle 29

Jupiter, Saturn Conjunction Cycle Example 32

Hexagram as the Hermetic Cube of Space 38

Astronomical Gann Commentary 45

Astronomical George Bayer Commentary 50

Astronomical Professor Weston Commentary 57

Astronomical James Mars Langham Commentary 67

Interesting facts about the planet Venus 68 

Mundane Energy Applications, Natural Price and Time 76

Planetary Fingerprint Applications 107

Gann Grid Master’s Other Astro Tool Applications 143

Astro Tool’s Found Within 2.0 User’s Manual 176

Putting it all Together Using the “SPY”  237   


                                                                                                   Forecasting, a Cosmic Science         

                                                                                                 Mundane Astronomy vs Astrology

Astronomy is a term used by humanity's oldest sky watchers who studied planetary movements for more than 15,000 years. These ancient researchers found many of their unique and combined cycles provided handy keys for navigation and calendar making.  So in essence the word "Astronomy" was born from two old Greek terms astron for "star" and nomia for "law", or "laws of the stars" 

For example, early observers noticed most stars would appear to stand still, while others wandered against the backdrop of the constellations.  Also according to their observation, some planets seem to move slowly while others moved relatively quickly and as such called the moving objects "planets", which is the Greek word for "wanderers".   

Over time these researchers found astronomy not only provided keys for navigation and seasonal calendar making but also discovered they could at times forecast future events based on their repeating cycle theories.    

Over time, observers realized, in order to truly understand the motion of planets    they needed to include other areas of study such as mathematics, chemistry, geology and physics. Once better understood, astronomers found they could better gauge such things as the Sun’s effects in relation the 4 seasons, help forecast solar and lunar eclipses, solar flare, mass ejections, and many other celestial phenomena.      

In contrast, the term astrology is a more modern term used to foretell future events based on movements of the planets. However, in the beginning both astrology and astronomy were considered the same as both tracked planet motion in mundane and radix based planetary cycles.

 After researching this for myself, what I feel they witnessed was as the planets moved through the heavens making specific angles to one another, they could forecast general repeating mundane events such as world wars, earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, droughts, floods and other natural and somewhat esoteric events. Over time, these sacred observations had been written down and placed in libraries for future reference. However, with the world extremely volatile at the time, many libraries had been raided, looted and destroyed, leaving most of records and observations lost over time.

So, in essence the real science of ancient astronomy had been lost. However, I do believe an elite few did manage to salvage small amounts of this knowledge and to this day secretly pass it from generation to generation in lodges and mystical orders. I believe this to be true as it was referenced by Paul Foster case and others within their various magical order commentary.  

However, each of our reviewed trader somehow discovered these sacred secrets either on their own or through countless years of trial and error research. Many also believe they were taught by some unknown orders training curriculum. 

We do know several referenced traders where members of a few different secret esoteric lodges from late 1800’s - mid 1900’s such as Gann, Bayer, Jenson and others. I also feel once they truly understood the magnitude of their acquired information, each began to use it for personal and financial endeavors, and referenced it as the law of vibration as a quote from Gann can show “The world is not yet ready for this knowledge to be released”            

The down side to this theory is they refused to release the information to the general public as it was a tightly held secret and used it almost exclusively for personal use. Though, several modern-day mystical orders do at times trickle small amounts of ancient astronomy through progressive grades and initiations, for the most part it is still a well-kept secret in 2020.  

Let me be clear, this book is NOT about me claiming to personally understand all actual interpretation of the ancients astrological methods, but it is about how I personally understand the synchronicity of market based on the methods read about and tested within the cited authors books and courses. 


This book also is not about me giving every astrological application known to modern day astrologers, but “DOES” give what I found to be useful over my 25 years of Gann, Bayer and many other’s astronomical timing research and techniques.